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GRANDER® water revitalization is based on a natural principle of information transfer. Non-contact information exchange from water to water is a physical singularity first utilized by Johann Grander in the late 1970s.

Johann Grander (1930 – 2012) is the discoverer and inventor of water revitalization and founded the family company more than 40 years ago. The GRANDER® brand has been registered as an international brand since 1996 and the GRANDER® products are used all over the world.

GRANDER® water revitalization is successfully used in the following fields:

  • private homes (flats, single- and multi-family houses)
  • hospitality & wellness industries (restaurants, hotels, cafés, swimming pools, spas, yoga and fitness studios, public facilities, etc.)
  • trade & industry (businesses in agriculture, food production, and industry).

The GRANDER® effect: visible and tangible benefits

The fundamental notion of water revitalization is to increase the water’s self-cleaning properties and resilience by improving its structure, thereby making the water what it originally was: powerful and natural. GRANDER® revitalized water increases the well-being of people, helps protect our biosphere, saves resources and optimizes their use.

GRANDER® revitalized water stands for:     

  • Enjoyment & good flavor

  • Vitality & well-being

  • Growth & yield

  • Optimization & economization

Environmental protection & conservation of resources

Benefits of GRANDER® water revitalization:

  • Highly enjoyable drink due to its delicate and full-bodied flavor
  • Increased storage life due to changes in the water’s microbiological setup
  • Luxurious bathing experience through significantly softer water
  • Better health of animals, as animal breeders and owners enthusiastically report
  • Strong growth of plants and an abundance of flowers
  • More intensive taste of food and coffee/tea that is gentle on the stomach
  • Less and easier-to-remove lime deposits
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Cost savings due to reduced use of cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Energy savings due to more effective heating
  • Does not need electricity, chemicals, or other extras to work
  • Returns to the natural cycle in a revitalized and natural way, which helps conserve and protect nature

Water in its purest form from the Copperplate mine as the basis

The journey of GRANDER® revitalized water starts in Jochberg near Kitzbühel, where a spring of extraordinary quality, the Stephanie Spring, emerges in a mine 520 meters below the surface, far away from any external influences. This water is carefully transported to the production site and revitalized in several stages. It forms the base for the highly coherent functional water in GRANDER® devices. It is also the raw material for the Original GRANDER® Blue Water, which is still bottled at the production site to date.

Theoretical fundamentals of GRANDER® water revitalization scientifically proven

To celebrate the company´s 40th anniversary, an international water symposium took place in September 2019, at which the scientific evidence of the basics of water revitalization was presented to the public for the first time.

The scientific, peer-reviewed paper “Strong Gradients in Weak Magnetic Fields Induce DOLLOP Formation in Tap Water” proves the difference between treated / revitalized and regular / unrevitalized water. The paper was written by Martina Sammer, Cees Kamp, Astrid H. Paulitsch-Fuchs, Adam D. Wexler, Cees J.N. Buisman and Elmar C. Fuchs. The scientific studies explain part of the GRANDER® effect.

Modified deposition behaviour

Without revitalization, dissolved lime crystallizes on the pipe walls and narrows the cross-section of pipes. When revitalized, a high concentration of DOLLPS is created in the water (these act like tiny crystallization nuclei for the lime) and thus the crystallization starts immediately in the water and only slightly on the pipe surfaces. As a result, the crystals no longer adhere to the pipe but are washed out with the water stream.

Benefits of water revitalization in terms of deposits

  • revitalized water tolerates a higher degree of hardness without forming deposits
  • when combined with an ion exchanger the residual hardness can be set to a higher value
  • saves costs for chemicals, electricity and maintenance
  • water has a better taste

Enhanced self-cleaning power

The background flora of a water (indigenous bacteria) acts like an immune system and naturally protects water.

Benefits of water revitalization in terms of self-cleaning power

  • Durability is prolonged
  • post-pollution potential drops
  • microbiological stability increases
  • resistance of the water increases

Through the flow cytometry method, it can be shown that GRANDER® water revitalization strengthens the natural background flora and thus improves the resistance.

Microbiological stability

In revitalized water, the natural background flora is more active and consumes more nutrients, so undesirable bacteria cannot establish themselves easily.

Benefits of water revitalization in terms of higher microbiological stability

  • revitalized water remains stable even with higher nutrient content
  • saves costs for chemicals, electricity and maintenance

Current research results and detailed information on the scientific paper:

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